MAYA Online Elemental Analyzer

What is MAYA?

MAYA is an online chemical analyzer for use in process control applications in the mining and mineral processing industries. All chemical elements, including light elements (for example C, Si, Mg, Al) can be detected in real-time without the need for laboratory sampling and sample preparation. MAYA can also provide data on other parameters such as moisture, ash content, calorific values, basicity and volatiles.

Clean and Safe

MAYA uses a process called Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). In this process, a focused pulse of light from a high-energy laser strikes the material on the conveyor belt, creating a ball of plasma. The cooling plasma gives off an emission that is spectrally analyzed to determine the elemental composition of the material. MAYA does not use gamma ray, neutron or x-ray radiation. No governmental permissions and licenses are needed for operating, storing and transporting the equipment. No radioactive material handling personnel are required on site, making it simpler to operate and manage the production or mining process.

Industry Applications

The first MAYA analyzer was installed in 2008 in the USA. Since then, MAYA has proven itself in continuous 24/7 operation in harsh industrial environments at mineral processing plants worldwide in the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and Belarus. A list of some of the applications is presented below:

  • Fertilizers (phosphate, potassium, composite NPK)
  • Iron and steel (iron ore and concentrate, sinter mix, limestone, coke -Fe, Si, Ca, Mg, Mn, C, moisture and others)
  • Cement (limestone, raw meal – Ca, Si, Al, Fe)
  • Refractories ( Mg, Si, Ca, Fe, Al, Cr, B, Mn and others)
  • Coal (C, ash content, volatiles, moisture – Fe, Al, Si, Mg, Ca)
  • Industrial Minerals (quartz, clays, nepheline)
  • Base metals (Cu, Al, Co, Mo, Zn and others)
  • Bauxite and Alumina
  • …and many others

Accurate and Stable

Accurate measurement technology and advanced machine learning algorithms ensure long-lasting and stable online measurements with excellent correlation to laboratory analysis. Fully automatic 24/7 operation and integration to customer SCADA systems provides real-time chemistry of material streams without sampling and sample preparation.

Advanced Analytics

MAYA is equipped with data processing modules to monitor and learn material changes during continuous processes. To ensure accurate and stable measurements, comprehensive calibration and data processing algorithms are built using advanced machine learning and chemometrics techniques such as PCA/PCR (Principal Component Analysis/Regression), Neural Networks, SVM (Support-vector Machine), PLS (Partial Least Squares Regression) and Classification algorithms.

Low Cost of Ownership

MAYA is a self-contained unit with minimal maintenance requirements. Routine maintenance involves only regular air filter replacement and basic laser window cleaning. No special licenses or certificates are required to operate the equipment.

Ease of Installation and Operation

Full commissioning service is provided to the customer. The equipment is installed by qualified engineers. Dynamic sample calibration is performed on location to ensure accuracy in real-time conditions with existing material streams. The analyzer is installed with user-friendly software which lets the operator perform further adjustments and calibrations if and as required. The stability and quality of analysis can be managed remotely by a performance management system. Full support is provided to the client for SCADA integration to ensure required automation in process control can be achieved.

More information

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