Key Mechsafe Staff

Meet the Mechsafe team of specialist engineers:

Matt Rudas – Principal

B Mech Eng (Hons), MPhil, PhD, MIEAust, NER, RPEQ, CPEng

Matt 3

Matt Rudas is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of professional mechanical and structural engineering experience. He has both Masters and Doctorate degrees in the numerical modelling of fracture and crack growth problems. His Masters degree was awarded by the University of Swansea, Wales, UK, and his Doctorate degree was awarded by the University of Western Australia.

Matt has gained his professional experience working both in Australia and overseas.  He has worked in Germany for Thyssen Henschel in their test laboratories, conducting strength and fatigue tests for the rail industry and the Transrapid magnetic levitation train project. He has also worked with Computational Mechanics BEASY in Southampton, UK, solving corrosion and cathodic protection problems, 3D crack propagation problems and conducting professional development workshops for an international audience of practicing engineers and scientists in the application of boundary element techniques and the  BEASY software.

Matt has extensive project experience in Australia having worked on numerous design, fatigue, ECA, FFS, strain gauging and troubleshooting projects for the mining, oil & gas, mineral processing, rail, transport, aerospace and waste processing industries.

Richard Rudas – Principal

B Mech Eng, MEngSc

Richard 2

Richard Rudas obtained his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Warsaw Technical University and a Masters Degree in Engineering Science from the University of Western Australia. He was a corporate member of the institution of Engineers Australia for 29 years.

Richard has over 40 years of professional engineering and managerial experience at a senior level, working both overseas and in Australia and involved in projects ranging from advanced engineering design and manufacture to a complete cycle of procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Richard has gained his expertise working in the field of advanced manufacturing, design of heavy-duty mechanical handling systems, railway engineering, and managing development of innovative waste-processing technologies. He was involved in projects for numerous organizations including Queensland Rail, Westrail, National Rail Corporation, Goninan, Vector Lifting, Joint Venture of Vector Systems CSMC and TECO, Kinhill, North Limited, Atlas Group and Brambles.

He is an accomplished design engineer co-authoring a number of Australian and overseas patents.

Kian Salehi – Senior Mechanical Engineer

B Mech Eng, MIEAust, CPEng


Kian Salehi is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of professional experience in engineering and construction of multi-disciplinary projects in the oil & gas, petrochemical, mineral processing, power and waste processing industries in Australia and overseas. His areas of expertise include pressure equipment design, piping material and valve selection and specification, pipe stress and flexibility analysis, preparation and development of piping design standards and technical specifications, and development of plot plans and equipment layouts.

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