Advanced Analysis

Fatigue assessment of dump truck tray body

Mechsafe checked a modified tray body of an iron ore dump truck using a detailed stress analysis and fatigue assessment. The fatigue assessment was carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS 7608. This British fatigue code outlines weld meshing techniques, approaches to the interpretation of cyclic stress results and cycle counting strategies that require significant experience to carry out correctly. It also contains a larger and more representative number of categories used to classify welded joints than are contained in structural codes such as AS 4100.

Tray FEA stress analysis results.

Fatigue assessment of reels

Several reel designs were assessed for fatigue in accordance with the rules of AS 4100. FEA, together with mathematical functions describing the stresses in the reels were used with Miner’s summation to accurately takeĀ into account the gradual change in the design stress ranges due to reel unwinding and winding.

Reel FEA model.
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