Industry Workshops

Mechsafe offers courses and workshops on the following subjects, both externally and in-house to suit individual requirements:

  • Introductory Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Fatigue analysis using FEA
  • Fracture, failure and engineering critical assessments
  • Strain gauging
  • Advanced 3D crack propagation modelling
  • Corrosion analysis and the design of cathodic protection systems using boundary element techniques

Contact Mechsafe with your specific learning requirements.

Current workshops

Finite Element Analysis Workshop

This workshop is being run by Engineering Training Institute Australia ( with Matt Rudas from Mechsafe Engineering presenting.

The workshop is designed to give an introduction to engineering analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEM). Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is now widely used in industry, with most mechanical and structural engineers relying on commercially available FEA software on a daily basis to carry out engineering
calculations. From structural analysis to harmonic response analysis, stress analysis, fatigue crack propagation studies, impact analysis and post-buckling analysis, FEA is a powerful tool, saving time and providing accurate solutions to engineering problems.

However, although users of FEA have often attended courses on the use of a particular software package, not many are familiar with the underlying theory or many software/code independent practical aspects of working with FEA such as model and element type selection, using analysis checklists, working to codes and standards, FEA report writing and, most importantly, error checking and verification of results. This workshop covers all of these topics and thus provides an in-depth introduction to working with FEA.

A practical demonstration session is also included as part of the workshop to present tips and tricks, CAD  model simplification and defeaturing techniques, meshing techniques, error sources and how to minimize errors, and model verification strategies. The session also shows how to model problems involving plasticity, non-linear geometry, post-buckling analysis and impact analysis.

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