Cathodic Protection & Corrosion Analysis

Using advanced 3D boundary element modelling techniques, Mechsafe is able to predict corrosion rates and design cathodic protection systems for offshore and harbour structures, buried pipelines and flat bottomed storage tanks. Accurate calculation of corrosion rates means that conservative estimates need not be made for critical equipment in fitness for service assessments.
Mechsafe engineers have been involved in various projects using the BEASY software package and have access to unique expertise including:

  • The design of potential signature detection systems for the defence of harbours from submarine attack
  • Prediction of stray current corrosion of buried oil pipelines
  • Verification of cathodic protection systems for offshore platforms and oil storage tanks

BEASY uses infinite domain formulations meaning that elements are only required on the surfaces subject to corrosion, as opposed to an arbitrarily large volume surrounding the structure, as is the case for FEA. This significantly reduces modelling costs and provides a higher accuracy of solution.

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