Strain Gauging

Strain gauging of vibrating screens

The client was carrying out a root cause analysis of fatigue failures of coarse and fine processing screens. Cracks had extended from stress raising features in the screen structures. Using its proprietary strain gauging techniques, Mechsafe provided critical input data on screen dynamic behaviour, vibration amplitude and frequency.

Strain gauge installation on the wall of a vibrating screen.

Strain gauging of excavator bucket

Mechsafe carried out the strain gauging of an iron ore excavator bucket for the determination of digging loads. A wireless strain gauging network was installed on the excavator bucket, as well as a cabin mounted camera system for correlation between the points in the digging cycle and the strain readings. Strain measurements in the actual bucket were able to give far more valuable bucket design data than boom/stick cylinder pressures or strains.

View from excavator cabin during data logging.

Strain gauging of stacker

Mechsafe successfully developed a unique methodology allowing the determination of long travel wheel loads on an iron ore stacker. A wireless strain gauging network was installed on several stacker wheels, eliminating the need for the manufacture and installation of expensive, custom made load pins. The measured strains were then combined with an FEA to determine the spectrum of radial and lateral wheel loads for troubleshooting purposes.

Wireless strain gauging node attached to a stacker wheel.
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