Patents & Publications

Mechsafe principals are holders of the following Australian patents (international patents pending):

  1. M. Rudas & R. Rudas et al. Apparatus for the passage and conveyance of compressible material. Patent no. AU2012307084.
  2. M. Rudas et al. Dewatering method and apparatus. Patent no. AU2012372892.
  3. R. Rudas et al. Apparatus and method for solid waste separation. Patent no. AU2013204344
  4. R. Rudas et al. Screen. Patent no. AU2013201733

Mechsafe principals have been published in international journals. See the list below for details:

  1. Rudas M., Bush M. B. Radial Crack Propagation in Bimaterials Undergoing Indentation Loading. 8th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 2005. Abstract and oral presentation.
  2. Rudas M., Qasim T., Bush M. B., Lawn B. R. Failure of Curved Brittle Layer Systems from Radial Cracking in Concentrated Surface Loading. J. Materials Research. 20, 2812-2819 (2005).
  3. Rudas M., Bush M. B., Reimanis I. E. The Kinking Behaviour of a Bimaterial Interface Crack Under Indentation Loading. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements. 8, 1455-1462 (2004).
  4. Rudas M., Bush M. B. Boundary Element Analysis of Interface Crack Behaviour in a Bimaterial Undergoing Indentation Loading. Advances in Boundary Element Technology. Queen Mary University of London, (2002).
  5. Rudas M., Baynham J., Adey R. A. Simulation of Wheel-rail Damage. Proceedings of COMPRAIL 2000 – 7th International Conference on Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Operation in the Railway and other Advanced Mass Transit Systems (2000).
  6. Rudas M., Rudas R., Adey R. A. Fatigue Assessment of Welds on Piping on Jo-Bell Switches. Case Studies in Fatigue Life Prediction. University of Warwick (1999).
  7. Rudas M., Adey R. A. Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Head Checks in Rails. Int. Railway Journal. September, 1999.
  8. Rudas M., Adey R. A., Curtin T. J. Next Generation Corrosion Simulation Software Predicts CP System Performance. Materials Performance Journal. September, 1999.
  9. Strong G. E., Adey R. A., Rudas R. S. Computer Prediction of Stray Current Corrosion.
  10. Rudas M., Bush M. B. Modelling of Radial Crack Evolution in Brittle Layers under Contact Loading. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements. (submitted).
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