Monitoring Machines

Monitoring of industrial machinery for loads, stresses and other variables (e.g. temperature, pressure) can provide valuable information for the optimization of operational parameters and to ensure that machines function reliably, without compromising life through overload or misuse. Mechsafe specializes in the provision of monitoring services of critical machinery where SCADA systems have not been utilized. Operational data is collected and monitored and used as feedback to the operator to fine tune the performance of the system based on real data rather than theoretical design outputs.

Monitoring can last anywhere between several days and several months using batteries and solar panels for the provision of power in remote installations. Sensors can be activated, or put to sleep remotely to allow data collection at specific times – for example when new operational parameters are being trialled. Wireless telemetry equipment allows fast installation with minimum site disruptions.

Mechsafe can process collected data in near real time to provide machine kinematic, load, fatigue damage, wear and other data so that machine performance can be optimized for reliable, long term operation. Mechsafe has successfully deployed systems in remote and harsh environments with clear advantages to the clients. Contact Mechsafe to discuss how we can help with your critical machines and equipment.

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